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To organize a vote somewhere, read the bulletin of OSCA-Info N°1 to understand how to organize vote : you must first create a voting base community (at least 03 persons). You must be at least 03 before voting.

Better you proceed as follows if you are alone :

Download the vote form here,  fill and send it to the following address :

Pre referendum form

Or you can fill it in  the following formula :

Referendum Formula : YES our NO for the United States of Africa


In order that the African people may be relieved from today’s multifarious and overwhelming poverty so as to live henceforth in unity, peace and prosperity, this Draft Constitution of the United Africa (the United States of Africa) is hereby proposed with the view to elevating the African Union to the status of a supranational State endowed with its own institutions, powers and resources, that shall function in complementarity with the institutions, powers and resources of its States, all geared towards the self-development of all the Regions of Africa and the whole continent.

After taking cognisance of this Draft  Constitution and having fully understood it, I :

a. Approve it and vote YES for the United States of Africa   ....................

b. Approve it on the condition that the following amendments are included*


c. Disapprove it and vote NO   .................

d. Abstain for the meantime .........................

e. I wish that the United States of Africa becomes effective on :  2010    ,  on  2015                                                                                                 between  2010 and 2015   


Name :

Surname :

Age (at least 18 years) :

Male            Female

Nationality :

Country of residence :

Profession :

E-mail : 

Date  :

Place :

* I propose the following amendments :

If you can't succeed to send this form, please download the prereferendum form in word format, fill it and send it as an attachment to